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Button Cover Ornaments

I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile. Now that the move is done and we are settled I get to start crafting a bit again! I’m so excited! My daughter and I tested this out on Monday and then Tuesday we taught my Girl Scout troop. It was a hit!

ornament red ornament green

Now that it has passed a couple tests, I’m ready to pass it along to you! The You Tube video will be up in the next couple days. I’ll add the link to this blog when it is up and running, but for now you can read our tutorial below:

What You Need:

  • 2 – Flat Back Button Covers
    For this craft I used the largest size we carry (1 7/8″) however you can use
    any size you choose.
  • Fabric Scraps
    You can use scraps that you have laying around, use any of the samples
    we send with your orders or pick the fabrics you like on our website and
    order yourself a set of “sample squares” (6 – 3″ squares of the same fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
    We do not sell Mod Podge, however you can get this at the big craft stores
    like Michaels. For this craft we decided to go for Glossy.
  • Sponge
    My trick is just buying a regular sponge and cutting it up into easy-to-use
    applicator sizes


If you have made the button cover magnets we posted a while ago, you are ahead of the game! Some of these steps are very similar.

1. Cover the top of your button cover with Mod Podge. Put your fabric square (design facing up) on the top of your button cover. Push fabric down to help it stick and make a smooth surface.
modge podge apply fabric

2. Flip your button cover over (so you see the back side of the shell and the wrong side of the fabric) and cut slits in the fabric about every quarter to half inch all the way around. Slits should be cut up to the edge of the button cover. This will help you fold the fabric sides smoothly to the button cover.


3. Mod Podge the sides and inside of the button cover shell. Begin folding fabric into the inside of the shell, pinching the inside edge so you get as smooth of an edge as possible. Add more Mod Podge to the top of the folded fabrics as needed so the next fold will stick.


4. Repeat this process to your second button cover shell and allow both halves to dry.

5. Once dry, place the shell of the button cover in the hold tool (back side up). Place the button cover backing (ridge side up) on top, careful to line up as evenly as possible.

hold and push

6. Put the push part of the tool on top of button cover and push around all edges. You should be able to see some fabric around the inside edge when it is in correctly. One this is done you can pop out the button cover.

7. Mod Podge the outside of your button covers. Make sure you apply an even, ungloppy (is that a word?) coat so you don’t have any white marks or streaks when it dries. Don’t forget the edges too!

8. Allow button covers to completely dry.

9. Add on second coat to both button covers.

10. Repeat step 8.

11. Take one of your button covers and flip over so back side shows. Take your baker’s twine and eyeball how big you want your loop to be (remember, you have to get it over a tree branch, so don’t make it too small). We used about 8-10″. Cut desired length. Lay ends of baker’s twine next to each other in the middle of your button cover back. Careful not to overlap them.

12. Use your hot glue gun and squeeze that trigger! You want a nice glop of glue to cover the ends of your twine so it cannot move! In this instance, more is better!


13. Allow glue to dry completely.

14. Here’s where you will see how steady of a hand you have…Making sure your twine is not overlapping, apply hot glue to the edge of your button cover, going around the entire circle.


15. Take your second button cover and line up, back to back trying to line up the edges. Immediately press down and sandwich the two together.

16. Let the glue dry, but do not try to pull apart to see if they are dry! This will break apart the glue and you’ll have to repeat this process.

17. Measure baker’s twine around seam of button covers and cut. Apply small amount of hot glue around entire seam and lay your baker’s twine on top.


18. Let the glue dry completely.

19. Mod Podge baker’s twine that you just hot glued to your seam (do not apply Mod Podge to baker’s twine loop).

20. Allow to dry completely and add second coat if you want.

That’s all there is to this! Lots of steps, but six of them are “let it dry”!

There are many variations you can do to these ornaments. Add glitter, pictures, embroider the fabric before starting, etc…

We would love to see how your ornaments come out! Send us your pictures.

Happy Crafting!

Holiday Schedule

I can’t believe that we are already in the midst of the holiday season! Before you know it, it will be 2014!!!

After much consideration, we have finally come up with our holiday schedule! Please note that all times are Pacific Standard.

November 28th & 29th (Thanksgiving Friday) – Closed
November 30th (Saturday) – Customer Service and Storefront Hours 10am-2pm


December 20th (Friday) – Customer Service Hours 8am-10:45am & 1pm-6pm
Storefront Hours 10am-10:45am & 1pm-6pm
Please note that we will be out of the office from 10:45am-1pm for our annual Company Christmas Luncheon.

December 21st (Saturday) – Customer Service and Storefront Hours 10am-2pm

December 22nd-25th – Closed
December 26th-27th – Customer Service and Storefront Hours 10am-6pm
December 28th – Customer Service and Storefront Hours 10am-2pm

December 29th – Closed (We are closed every Sunday)
December 30th – Customer Service and Storefront Hours 10am-6pm
December 31st-January 1st – Closed

Starting January 2nd we will resume our normal schedule as follows:

Customer Service Hours: 8am-6pm
Storefront Hours: 10am-6pm

Customer Service & Storefront Hours: 10am-2pm


Grand Opening Celebration!

It’s finally here! This Saturday will be our Grand Opening celebration! Here is the flyer for anyone who is interested in stopping by:

cv_opening_oct2013 (2)

We are spending the last couple days left trying to get everything out, organized and priced. Here are some pics of what it looked like a couple days ago…

welcome sign

showroom floor


jar single


solid ribbons  sale fabric wall showroom floor 2

We have already rearranged some things and have added some painting of words, which I will post in a later blog.

At this same time we have been working on getting items in stock, including the arrival of Aurifil Threads!

aurifil threads

We hope to see those of you who live in the Sacramento area at the Grand Opening this Saturday from 10am-1pm. We will be doing a ribbon cutting at 10am, prizes given out throughout the celebration and will be doing a hands on class on how to make our famous button cover magnets!

Progress Being Made…

As I sit here typing this blog entry I feel guilty. There is so much still left to be done, however I have been wanting to show pictures of the new office/showroom, the progress that is being made, plus I have a headache right now. So, decision is made…blogging it is!

It was two weeks ago this past Friday that we got that call we were waiting for, but it came much more suddenly than expected. You see, when I posted the blog about our “upcoming move” we were still waiting for the phone/internet company to let us know the date they would be installing “all our necessities” (can’t run an online store without phones or internet…crazy, I know…but trust me, you can’t!). Well, that Friday afternoon my hubby called them to find out what the hold up was on getting the date set (which we were figuring would be the Friday of Labor Day weekend). What a shock when the guy said “We are coming out and transferring everything tomorrow”. Really, tomorrow?!?! That’s not much notice!

I jumped back in my car, headed to the office and started packing things up. That gave us only two and a half days to get all the inventory, desks, phones, computers, etc. moved and set up to be ready to fill orders on Monday! Calling everyone we knew, we didn’t have much luck finding helpers on such short notice. So, that left my husband, my 10 year old daughter, my son (who is also our one of our Customer Service Reps, Tom), Erin (our Accounts Manager) and her boyfriend, Tara (our other Customer Service Rep) and her Husband for Saturday. We wouldn’t have made it without out staff and their family’s help. On Sunday we only had the four from my family.

But we got it done!

Well, almost…

Everything of importance was moved out of the old office by Sunday. Computers, phones and printers were operational by Sunday night. Fabric and webbing were in place and I think we had all the solids and stripes on the ribbon shelves. Everything else was in boxes and on the floor close to where we were wanting them to be once we moved in the shelving units from the warehouse.

photo 4The old office by Saturday at 5pm

We were able to fill orders during the week and weren’t too far behind! Especially since we had just run a huge sale over that weekend (not realizing we would be moving). We tried to do a bit every day and by last Friday I was putting the final ribbons on the showroom floor.

This last week we were short handed. Tom started back to college. He had scheduled this week off so he could get used to his schedule and not have to worry about the large amount of traffic that always seems to build up around the university the first week of school. We were still able to make progress though! All offices, for the most part, are unpacked, we worked on putting our surplus inventory on shelves in the warehouse and we were able to finally catch up on some of our day to day job duties.

Here are pictures of our progress:

photo 1 (3)

Fabrics we brought over from the old office…but this is only half of them.

photo 2 (6)

Now in that spot are our cutting tables. Erin and I have a great view!

photo 5

Two weeks ago, before any of the ribbon shelves were up in the back room, tables not in place, and still organizing, well, everything!

photo 1 (9)

Some clean-up done here. A couple ribbon shelves are in place, laminate rack is up, more fabrics put away…

photo 4 (6)

The entry into our “Ribbon Room”!

photo 3 (4)

Our showroom today. Still some more work to go, but it is clean, in place and beautiful.

photo 4 (4)

Our reception/checkout area where our Customer Service Reps sit.

photo 2 (8)

Ribbon room view from one wall.

photo 4 (5)

View from back of ribbon room looking out onto fabric/main showroom floor.

photo 3 (5)

This back room is still a room in progress. We will be putting carpet down here and displaying all our sale fabrics, ribbon, scrapbook supplies and more.

We have less than a month until we want to open our doors to the public. Six weeks until our Open House festivities happen. We still have a lot to do! We will be putting up more lighting in the ribbon area of our showroom, carpeting our back room area where all our sale items will be, price all the merchandise, as well as a bunch of other projects that need to happen. With perseverance (and caffeine) we will get it done!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the progress being made at Crafter’s Vision! I can’t wait to share with you the final reveal.

Moving Sale Details

Now that we have announced our move, we are going to celebrate with a sale! We want to clear out as much of our inventory as we can before we move!!!


Thursday, August 22nd at Noon PST will start the sale…sorry, no orders placed before this time will qualify…

Use coupon code BIGMOVE2013 when you order at least $50 of product (this will be after all other discounts, such as our Loyalty Customer Discount, 15% off Sale Fabrics, etc…and before any taxes or shipping costs) and you will save 25% off everything in your cart!

Please make sure you don’t forget the code! Once orders are shipped we cannot go back in and apply it!

This coupon code is only good for in stock items, but you can still do Free Shipping if you are shipping in the USA! Just make sure your order total is over $30!!!
Happy Shopping!

The Big Move…

I remember when Crafter’s Vision first came to be…

When I was pregnant with my daughter, 11 years ago, I had complications with my pregnancy and was put on strict bed rest for several months. I was forced to shop online for all my baby needs (of course I had sold all my son’s baby stuff at a garage sale a few years earlier…isn’t that how it always goes?!?!) and Christmas shopping. I was frustrated with the lack of customer service from companies online and thought “I could do better”.

Shortly after my daughter was born I started my first online store. “Diversified Showcase” was a home and garden gift site where you could get great, unique gifts at a discounted rate. Think about going on vacation to Lake Tahoe and going into the little specialty gift stores…that’s the kind of stuff we sold.


One of the items we sold were placemats. All of a sudden they started really selling…I mean people would purchase 100 and come back the following week and purchase another 100…I remember thinking “Don’t they know that they can wash these?”. I finally asked one of my regular placemat customers, Phyllis, what she was using them for. She told me she was a Home Economics teacher and she was teaching her class how to make Placemat Purses! Being from California I had never heard of such a thing, but that is when my business started to evolve…


Phyllis had her class make me a few purses and shipped them out to me. They were so cute and easy to make! Oh, and the possibilities were endless! Line them with fabric, put in pockets, ribbon, webbing or hard purse handles, zippers, snaps, velcro, to embroider or not to embroider…


After a few weeks I started having more and more customers ask me if I could get ribbon. They felt they were being overcharged at their local crafting stores. I talked with my husband, Glen, who agreed to look into expanding the business.

I did some research and contacted a few manufacturers. I found a great manufacturing rep who agreed to meet with me (in my house with my baby girl toddling around). We hit it off instantly and he agreed to go to bat for me with the manufacturer to let me start out very small and build. I’m so appreciative to him for taking the chance on me!

We started out by just purchasing 10 spools of basic solid colored grosgrain 1 1/2″ ribbons. They sold out within days. It was at this time that Glen said we should open up a new website with the ribbons and placemats. He came up with the name “Crafter’s Vision” and it was an instant hit! We were getting orders from the site on our very first day!

Crafter’s Vision grew pretty quick from there. We kept adding more and more ribbons and placemats. We ended up having my brother-in-law convert part of our garage into an office. My husband got tired of rolling ribbon by hand, so invented a ribbon rolling machine that we still use in the shop today! We added fabrics from Michael Miller on our site…another hit! It was at this time that I hired my first employee.

By this time my house was getting overrun. You couldn’t walk anywhere. The office had spilled out into the front room…everything was piling up. UPS came by every day delivering multiple packages. We ended up getting a climate controlled storage unit…then two…It was about this time that we decided that it was time to move the business out of the home.

iphone pics as of 4-18-09 034

In 2007 we started to look around and talk to some brokers. We found a new building in an office complex that was only a mile or so from the house. Perfect! We signed the 5 year lease and moved in the beginning of 2008. In less than a year we had outgrown the spot so talked to the landlord and doubled our space in late 2008, extending the 5 year lease.

office remodel

In late 2009 Crafter’s Vision was taking up all our time. We had no time to work on the Diversified Showcase website anymore, so decided it was time to say goodbye to the company that started it all…It was a bittersweet moment for me…

Fast forward to 2013…it is time to change things up a bit. Our lease will be up at the end of November and the property was recently bought up by a huge property management corporation from Los Angeles. We have started up another new business that is close to my husbands heart, Take Control Hobbies (RC Airplane parts), and want to take Crafter’s Vision to the next level.

Within the next week or so (we do not have a specific date yet), we are moving to a new location with a lot more square footage. With this move will come a lot of changes to how we work at Crafter’s Vision.

110 main outside

At our current location we were only available to walk-in customers by appointment only. At the new location we will be opening to the public with business hours Monday through Friday 10am-6pm PST, Saturdays from 10am-2pm PST. This will begin around the end of September/beginning of October. We will announce on a future blog post and on Facebook.

Since we will have staff manning the office until 6pm, this means that you will have phone and email support from 8am-6pm PST Monday through Friday and even support on Saturday! Again, this will begin late September/early October.

We are also changing how we will fill orders. We have always run on a “place your order today, we will ship next business day” mentality. Since we will be open to the public, in order to keep inventory as current as possible, we are changing our shipping policy. We will now be filling your order as it is received. This means that most of the time your order will go out same day, depending on what time our mail pick up is at the new location. With this being said, please keep in mind that the website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there are times when we will still get backed up in filling orders…the same day/next day is not a guarantee, but we will do our best!

We hope you will be as excited with the new location as we will be! Pictures of the new location will be up once we move in and have everything in place! We will update with more information as we have specific dates available.

Elephant Walk Charm Pack & Giveaway

At Quilt Market we got an amazing machine that will allow us to cut precision pre-cuts! We finally received it in, but we were missing a main part! Fast forward a couple more weeks and HOORAY!!! We finally have a complete (well, almost) machine! We are now able to cut some pre-cuts besides fat quarters! :)

We decided to give it a go and test out the machine with Charm Packs first. It worked so well, we put together our first pack…

We are so excited to announce our first custom made charm pack…Elephant Walk

elephant walk charm pack

This charm pack includes four 5″x5″ square of nine different fabrics.

We decided to start with Michael Miller’s Dirt Elephant Walk as our base. Moving around from there, we rent directly to Michael Miller’s Dirt Zoology. That’s where it became fun! We wanted to incorporate all the bright colors that are in these main two fabrics, so we started to draw in the oranges with Michael Miller’s Tangerine Ta Dot, Patty Young’s Papaya Diamonds and Anthology’s Orange Chromatic Batik. We then to be able to transition to other colors we put in Michael Miller’s Malibu Freestyle (the stripe) and Robert Kaufman’s Garden Maze Organic. Wanting to bring in the Turquoise and greens we decided on Patty Young’s Teal Vintage Houndstooth and Anthology’s Lime Chromatic Batik.

Putting all these fabrics together before cutting, this is what we came up with:

orange green teal fabrics

We put each on the machine and zippity-do-da…we have a wonderful charm pack set!

How cute is that?!?! Yep, it was a winner and you can be one too! We are giving away one of these charm packs! Just enter using Rafflecopter below! Drawing will close on Monday, June 17th at 10:00am.

Please note that we monitor all blog posts, so your post will not show immediately. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bollywood Bag Pattern Kits now available!

We recently spent time at the International Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon, and we were so happy to have met designer Amanda Herring. She had a great booth full of her own pattern designs. One of which she introduced to us as a great idea for businesses like ours. It is a simple pattern but it makes one beautiful bag! It gave us the ability to put together our very own kit, along with the pattern instructions, to share with our customers! It is called the Bollywood Bag Pattern Kit!


We have a total of nine different colors and fabric combinations for you to choose from! Or, if you have a different color and fabric combination that you want for this kit, please feel free to email Andrea at! Price will be same if you want regular cotton or price will go up if you choose any organic cottons.

Make one of these great bags for yourself or as a gift! It is a great bag for beginners but also for any experienced sewers!

We will soon introduce more sewing pattern kits, so stay tuned!